About us

Penguin is an investment limited liability company (LLC) established at the beginning of 2020 all over the Middle East such as UAE, Qatar, North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and many other neighboring countries. Penguin is grounded by the principle of spotting, engaging and therefore investing in various vigorous franchisors, commerce leaders and start-ups in Egypt and across the globe.
Our company sells its ecofriendly, high quality medical and industrial products such as face masks, paper cups, cosmetics and machines. In addition, we serve franchisors of conscious and innovative concepts such as fresh & healthy brands to spread our dream of leading the industry with advantageous services.

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Why us

Penguin has been constantly evolving throughout its 30 years of business experience. From the beginning, our rooted mission
and vision is to yield the industry with the finest qualities,properties and services to our customers, franchisors and partners.

Mission and vision

Our vital goal is to be the next leading investment company that is well-known by its authenticity, practicality, special services and dedication to fulfill customer’s needs and satisfaction. Moreover, what makes us unique is we don’t trade instead we offer solutions and fill in business industry’s gaps for structuring innovative products and organizations.