This section includes medical and pharmaceutical necessities such as :
A-Medical/ protective face masks:
Tired of normal protective face masks? Are all face masks intolerable and sensitive to your skin and ears?
Check out our medical worry-free face masks! Our masks from Coronil screen out dust, viruses and bacteria effectively. We have created three types that are similar in their premium material and fabric such as they have nose wire fixer, elasticated material, has three ultrasonic layers and earloop fixer. Most importantly, each face mask have individual design to be worn differently.
We have made three types of medical face masks to suit each
person’s needs:
1- The double strap face mask:
We have come up with the most innovative and helpful doubles- trap protective mask. Not like any other regular mask, it is worn on the back of your head instead on your two ears. Thus, if you are a hijabi, full-time employee or you need to wear mask for a long time this comfy mask is the best for you! Go buy your own safe and comfy face mask from us.

2-Tie strap face mask:
This face mask is similar to the double strap, but instead the two straps are worn tied. We invented this mask to be extremely flexible if you needed to loosen or tie it with only one strap or two.

This tie strap face mask is the most suitable for Doctors, surgeons
or any medical worker.
3-Normal disposable face mask:
Penguin also provides the well-known surgical/ medical face mask that is worn on both ears. It is the easiest, safest and fittest to stay stable on your face.
We care about your physical health and also your skin health!
Because we are advocates of healthy and ecofriendly products we included cosmetics and beauty products in our services. Contact us for detailed franchise information.
-Exotic fusion:
Exotic fusion is cosmetic brand founded by a certified skin and hair care specialist who’s passionate about offering people the best skin and hair products. Their hair and skin products are high in quality, natural, handmade and consist of mainly raw materials. Consequently, exotic fusion’s concept truly resonates with our vision and values which is to fulfill people’s needs and dreams through healthy and purposeful services. Furthermore, Penguin is
partnered as an investor with Exotic fusion to lead their brand into
ultimate success.
Visit their Instagram page to know more

This section includes medical and pharmaceutical necessities such as :