In PENPACK we don’t manufacture any kind of utilities, but environment friendly ones. We care for the environment and therefore our cups, paper bags and products are made with paper and eco-friendly materials to lessen mount of unrecyclable waste.
-Paper cups:
Penguin manufactures high quality and wide range and packages of paper cups for restaurants, cafés, factories, companies and any organization. These cups ticks all the boxes of your requirements such as:
-High range of weights: Its weight starts from minimum 190 oz.
and up to 240-250 oz.
-Best machines: It’s made with the latest technology of ultrasonic welding machines

- High quality: the paper cups are made of safe, hygienic, recyclable, ecofriendly resources that is suitable for hot and cold beverages.
-customized packages: most importantly, the paper cups can be perfectly customized for your individual preference and unique
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-Paper bags and boxes
Coming soon!
In addition to the paper cups, we are planning on giving you the best durable paper bags, boxes and all packaging materials very soon.
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In PENPACK we don’t manufacture any kind of utilities