One of our company's main services is investing in innovative restaurants and cafes such as oriental, grill and healthy cuisines.
Therefore, we have collaborated and build a successful ground breaking franchise business with the international franchisor fresh and healthy brands

-What is a fresh and healthy brands?

     It is a significant international franchise devoted by the conception of spreading healthy food throughout countries. For many decades they have been offering conscious consumers healthy dining selections in alternative to fast foods. In order to lead different food franchises, its conception has been increasingly divided into four variable concepts named Go-Grill, Pure Health, Yo-Good, and Juice Zone. 

     These four concepts are established upon the desire to offer healthy, fun, delicious and tasty meal or beverages.

-Penguin & Fresh and Healthy Brands:

As a franchisee, Penguin wanted to be a part of this fruitful and purposeful business in its growth, therefore Penguin operates its business and distributes its distinct healthy goods into Egypt. Our company has specially chosen    Go-Grill and Juice zone as they state unique niches.

Juice zone:

     Juice zone is juice-bar franchise; it offers “a true functional beverage in various delicious combinations”. Its beverages are infused with health and nutrition in which it boosts the immunity system, heart health, detoxifies the body and also aids in healthy weight loss or weight gain.

     Therefore, Penguin was delighted to invest in a beneficial and nourishing concept and it’s currently uplifting the franchise to develop the Egyptian society into a healthier, more conscious one. This is applied through Juice zone store concepts according to the space it’ll be built at, the stores are kiosk, bar and lounge.

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